(Equilibrium) Water Organs, Kidney Failure (2015)

Paper, oil / acrylic paint and epoxy, acrylic tubes, water, algae, pump
3 x 4 x 1,5 meter

Part of the solo exhibition 'Roaming Organs' at P/////AKT, Amsterdam

Sandmen (Where Is My Liver?) (2015)

Fabric, resin, acrylic paint, dune sand
Variable dimensions

Part of the solo exhibition 'Roaming Organs' at P/////AKT, Amsterdam

Transition (Spooky Action At A Distance) (2015)

HD Video, 4:33 min (looped)

Lair (2015)

9 x 10 x 3 meter

Slime Is The Agony Of Water (2015)

Installation with live performance and video.
Various materials and dimensions
HD Video 8:40 min

Photographs by LIAF

Imworkingonit (2015)

HD Video 6:03 min

Video installation at Unge Kunstneres Samfund, Oslo.

Photo by Vegard Kleven.

Nagga (2014)

Video installation
Hand dyed fabric, HD video 4:58 min
Dimensions 2 x 3 x 2,5 m.

CROWS (2013)

Variable dimensions and duration

Images taken at Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam

Cloud Cuckoo Land (2012)

Performance Installation, variable dimensions

Images taken at Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten Amsterdam.

Cloud Cuckoo Land questions the dynamics within a group or family, focusing on notions of idleness, violence and territory. The installation comprises a greenroom in which six mime artists are idling time away. The room is furnished with a table and chairs, a couch and a filled refrigerator, providing the performers with the basic needs. Five realistic, human scale bird masks are placed on metal stand and arranged around the large table. They represent birds often seen in European cities like a blackbird, a seagull and a pigeon; avian protagonists of nature within the urban environment.

The audience witnesses the performers reading a book or a newspaper, eating a sandwich while sitting behind their laptop or talking to each other. A one-way mirror allows the audience to observe the performers, but preventing the mime artists from seeing them. This aspect is revealed by a second mirror in the back of the space. On the audience’s side of the separating wall, a poster displaying Mike Tyson is hung.

At a certain moment and without apparent reason, a conflict arises which leads the five performers to turn against one. The scapegoat leaves the room, joining the public. The other five get ready by putting on their masks. Armed with a wooden stick, they too leave the greenroom. What follows is a confrontation between the birds and their victim, which in turn confronts the audience with their ambiguous role of being both spectator and accomplice.

Upstairs (2011)

HD Video 1:37 min (continuous loop), variable dimensions

Image taken at Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten Amsterdam and Kunstnernes Hus Oslo.

The Living Room (2011)

3-Channel HD video installation 8:40 min & Single channel screening version 8:05 min, variable dimensions

Images taken at Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

The interior of a Dutch living room is disturbed by the unexpected presence of a large oak tree. Close-ups of different kinds of furniture, potted plants, souvenirs and other personal belongings are carefully depicted. The quiet atmosphere is breached when the large oak tree enters the room, rearranging the interior in a destructive manner. The Living Room thus confronts the viewer with the impact this has to both tree and home, raising questions about their meaning and symbolism within Western culture.

The short essay 'Dwars door de werkelijkheid' by Maria Barnas reflects on 'The Living Room'.
Download the PDF here (in Dutch)


Oval shapes, stretch velvet, stands, moving light, variable dimensions


Velvet, wood, aluminium
80 x 80 x 250 cm.


C-print on Aluminium 162 x 110 cm


HD Video 2:24 min, no sound, variable dimensions

Inspired by Jack Goldstein’s 'The Knife' (1975), 'The Knife (stage cutting)' depicts coloured paper cut in half with a glimmering knife. When the paper slides to the sides - recalling theatre curtains being drawn - new coloured backgrounds emerge.

MIRRORING 2001: A SPACE (2009)

SD / HD Video Installation 2:14:00 min, stereo sound, variable dimensions

‘Mirroring 2001: A Space’ is a site-specific installation, based on Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey from 1968. The installation reduces this epic film to a single light beam, emphasizing and symbolizing characteristic elements in the film.

To achieve this, the original film is played back in the exhibition space. During the screening a camera is filming the projector from where the light emanates. This recording is then projected using the same projector. This way, a mirrored image of the space is projected capturing the film in a single light beam.